Thank you for your hard work, Munenori Kawasaki.

Some media reported Mr. Munenori Kawasaki finished his playing career, in which there was his comment it’s due to bad shape and autonomic imbalance. I’ve been getting touch with his wife. When I asked this time, she said he is getting better by inches.

The first time I talked to him was at the elimination game in Beijing Olympic 2007. He saw I didn’t talk to anyone except Hideaki Wakui because of my extreme shyness. He asked me out of drink and I could open up to a lot of players. From that time, we got more deeply involved like a family or the best friends.

We always went to dinner when I’d been to Fukuoka and he’d come to Sapporo, also at All Star Games. We had been in good relationship after coming to America too. He used to come all the way down to my home for dinner for a several times, taking one hour and half driving in Spring Training last year.

I remember I was sad as I head he was going back to Japan. I’ve always desired to pitch against him of all players in the games. We’ve shouted out one other between the mound and batter box. I’ve learned baseball from him, When I came not to want to play baseball about three years ago, it got me going watching his feature segment. I’ve learned so many things from him that has opposite nature to me.

It was in the middle of December I heard the physical shape of Mune-san in that way, hadn’t been very well. Whereas I pray my family’s health every day, I got to pray for him too from that time. It may not do any good but I though it may do.

I expect he’ll recall his retirement, but no one can blame him  if he’ll retire this way because he’s walked on the baseball life anyone cannot do.

I left my message “Please come see to Chicago when you get well”. I’ll do my best until the day.

Thank you for your hard work, Mune-san. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for you. Let’s keep our friendship with our families with continue.







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